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Changeovers: Switching into diapers and back again

By BitterGrey

One inconvenient transition faced by younger AB/DLs is the change over from underwear to diapers and back, dealing with underwear each time. Between work, exercise, time with family, etc. there might not be many opportunities to enjoy diapers. The opportunistic changeover might often be in public restrooms, making it all the more awkward. There simply isn't a graceful way to get underwear off without taking off pants and shoes. The waistband of the underwear must be passed down one pant leg, and over the shoe. It is then pulled back up that leg, and then the underwear is slid down the other. It is possible, but not easy.

This is something that the novice AB/DL usually has to work out for himself. More experienced AB/DLs have found solutions that work for them, and are more likely to be able to wear for longer periods and/or changeover at home. They also might avoid it by staying in diapers 24/7.

In addition to clothing, the changeover involves a transition in bladder retraining. "Accidents" go from being disastrous to desirable. The preferred bladder capacity also drops, as the risk of flooding replaces the annoyance of frequent trips to the restroom.

While not always true, it is the usual expectation that people either need diapers or not. So in addition to the changing pant size, a diaper bag with both diapers and underwear might raise some questions - questions we might prefer to avoid.

A changeover solution would ideally address all these factors. However there might not be one answer that will work for everyone.

Solution Pros/Advantages Cons/Disadvantages
Leave the underwear on.
Briefs might help silence the diapers, less so for boxers.
Briefs prevent the diaper from feeling like a diaper, breathing like one, and might cause more leaks by eliminating the airspace for pee to pool in while being absorbed. Less so for boxers.
"Going commando",Not wearing underwear No underwear to deal with. No new equipment to buy. No odd things to be found.  Sensitive parts might get caught in the zipper. Combat fatigues typically have a button-fly.
Men's "bikini" briefs, jock straps, etc.  The less material on the sides, the easier it will be to pass them though pant legs and over shoes.  Widely available.
Still might not the stretchy enough, but might fail partially and still be usable. Might raise questions if found in a diaper bag. 
Tie-on panties, panties with clips, etc.
These untie or unclip, for easy, diaper-like removal.
Not widely available and might raise questions for men, even without diapers. Tie-side bikinis might come untied.  (On women, they don't need to hold anything else up.)  The ties might come up out of the pant waistband and be seen.
Sort of babyish. Available as a discrete knit undershirt or polo shirt. (Flannel construction or a babyish lap collar will be recognizable as adult baby clothing.)
Specialty clothing (but not unique to AB/DLs). Snaps might chafe or snap loose.
Shorts/pants with a snap crotch Babyish Not necessarily practical for adult babies. (The parents of real babies can see what they are snapping and have fewer snaps to deal with.) It would involve wearing a probably-visible snap crotch in situations where you didn't want to wear a diaper. Snaps might chafe or snap loose.
Underwear can be slid off directly. When standing, they might better hide diapers by draping over, instead of wrapping around the crotch as pants and shorts do. Will attract attention unless passing as a woman or at a Scottish event. Won't keep the diaper from sagging or sliding down.

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